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Solar highway in Germany, 2017, 0,749MWp

Since July 2017, the approx. 2800 solar modules from a disused motorway section of the A4 near Niederzier / Ellen feed into the electricity grid approx. 40km east of Aachen. The special feature is the fact that the plant was not built as usual on a landfill or on a conversion area, but on a […]

Solar Park Just Jordan, 2017

Near Irbid, about 400 km north of the sea port Aqaba, a solar park has been constructed with a capacity of 5 MWp. 18.920 modules have been mounted horizontally at 15° inclination onto our two-foot ZM2V mounting system. With the help of a professional container stuffing company, we ensured that all materials were impeccably and […]

Solar Park Izmir, Turkey, 2017

In January of this year construction work started on a solar site near Izmir, the third largest city in Turkey. The ZIMMERMANN PV-STAHLBAU company supplied the ZM2V “Slide-in” system with 4 modules in landscape at 28° inclination. Typical for our “Slide-in” system are the vertically running aluminium rails, into which the modules are inserted and […]

Solar Park Lauterbach/Wallenrod, 6,5 MWp, Germany 2015

A 6.5 MWp solar park was built on a 15 ha plot of land north east of Frankfurt in Germany. The energy of 23,484 modules is fed into the grid to supply all the power for approximately 1,500 households. One of our specialist installation partners assembled in less than two months 2,278 frames of type […]

Solar Park Payerne, 6 MWp, Switzerland 2015

Zimmermann is supplying the “Energy City” Payerne in Switzerland Payerne in French-speaking Switzerland wants to become a Cité de l’énergie (energy city) in the future. This is another step towards the aim to supply all households in the city with “green” electricity. Our frame ZM1V with 2 modules in portrait is used to generate a […]

Hillhouse GB – 29 MWp solar park Hillhouse

We completed on time the Hillhouse project, in Cambridge (Gloucestershire, Western England) The plant, with approximately 29 MW was built in landscape mode with our ZM2V variant with 4 modules and was connected to the network as planned. The big challenge at this project was to design and supply 2 different structures in height. Because […]

The Lynt Farm Solar Park is taking shape

The solar park to the west of Oxford covers over 50 hectares and is located on the A361 between Swindon and Burford. 27 MW will provide in the future about 7,000 households with electricity. The site was built with our mounting system ZM2V with 3 modules in portrait mode.

Solar Park Aston with driven posts and ballasted concrete bases

Aylesbury is a market town in Buckinghamshire, North of London. In the nearby hamlet of Bierton a PV ground-mounted system for 24 MW was built with our ZM2V, 3 modules in portrait mounting system. A special feature of this project is that some parts of the park were built using precast concrete foundations. To illustrate, […]