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Zimmermann free-field mounting systems are being used to construct Germany’s largest solar thermal plant, with a 8,300 m² collector surface area. To do this 560 frames, of type ZM2 V, have been shipped to Senftenberg, about 60 km north of Dresden. To achieve the maximum space efficiently, the AuquaSolar system with plasma CPC vacuum tube […]

Solarpark Wroughton, 60 MWp, England 2016

At the end of March one of the largest solar parks in England was successfully connected to the network. Covering an area of around 165 hectares of an old RAF airport near Swindon, our new slide-in with 6 modules in landscape mode was installed. A total of about 13,500 stands with 231,660 modules were installed […]

Solarpark Neuburxdorf, 3,9 MWp, Deutschland 2015

Despite bad weather in December a solar park has been built on 8.5 hectares site in Neuburxdorf, Germany. To ensure an optimal yield a very compact arrangement of several Zimmermann module tables have been used. The specific requirements of the area demanded an optimal design for the modules. In addition to various East-West installations a […]

Solarpark Fahlhorst, 7,6 MWp, Deutschland 2016

In the Brandenburg area of Germany a new solar park has been built. It will provide about 1,800 households with clean energy. With a capacity of nearly 8 megawatts the solar farm will start producing electricity in 2016. Covering an area of almost 12 hectares approximately 30,000 modules have been installed on the frame type […]

Solarpark Oxcroft, 4,0 MWp, England 2016

The newly built solar park in Oxcroft produces annually approximately 4 million Watt-hours of electricity, enough to power 1,200 homes giving a saving in CO2 emissions by approximately 1,800 tonnes per year. The 11.6 hectare solar field, captured with 16,000 modules the sunrays. From the former storage area for coal, the area is now “matured” […]