Ground Mount PV Mounting Frames

The newly developed mounting frames have the following advantages:
  • Low cost due to fully automatic production – Made in Germany!
  • Precision due to CNC laser tube technology
  • Adjustable due to adjustable inclination and height
  • Quick-mounting – only five easily accessible bolts per frame
  • Robust due to strong materials and no welded joints
  • Durable due to hot-dip galvanising after processing
  • No drilling or cutting required on site
  • Individual adjustment to module dimensions and local conditions
  • Customised designs possible

Supply options

  • Delivery of the system only without assembly
  • Supply inclusive of pile-driving, installation and assembly of the modules

System options

  • Structures with driven foundations
  • Structures drilled into hard or rocky grounds
  • Structures mounted to concrete bases

We design our mounting frames tailored to your construction project in compliance with

  • Din 1055-4 wind loads
  • ​Din 1055-5 snow and ice loads
  • ​EN 1991-1-3 snow loads (Eurocode 1)
  • EN 1991-1-4 wind loads (Eurocode 1)