Zim Float – Floating PV-System

  • Zim Float – a large scale floating PV-System
  • Integrated system design with fully certified electrical concept.
  • Integrated inverter boats, walk- and maintenance ways, cable  ducts, wave barrier and floating transformer station
  • High module occupancy rate results in low consumption.
  • Scalable system adaptable to project size and external conditions.
Zim Float-System

New product – German quality

  • High solid steel beams, with zinc,aluminum and magnesium coating for maximal corrosion prevention.
  • System based on high-density polyethylene floater, connected without mechanical attachment.
  • Modular east-west system, based on a solar boat concept with 12 x 72 cell (or 18 x 72 cell) modules.
  • High cooling effect of modules by air permeability, chimney effect and close range to the cooling water.
  • No heat accumulation underneath modules possible.
  • High light transmission by glass-glass modules possible.
  • Small footprints on water by floats ensure flowing water underneath installation which results in low impact to environment.
  • Prevention of algae formation and dirt accumulation.

Safe maintenance!

  • All modules and inverters are accessible via safe and stable maintenance gangways.
  • Gangways are following the strings, which simplifies maintenance and repair.
  • Railings inverter row available on request.
  • In final state all cables are protected from long term water contact and direct sunlight which ensures best conditions for cable strings and cable connectors.

Certified electrical cabling!

  • Neat and tidy cable routing by integrated cable ducts for DC and AC cabling.
  • Easy, fast and safe cabling on shore by prefabricated cable strings guarantee highest electrical safety and a long-lasting quality.


Key Facts Floating Block
  • Amount PV-Modules: 5.752
  • Area: 1.45 ha
  • Size: 90,6 m x 159,6 m
  • Solar boat: 480
  • AInverter boats: 19
  • Transformer station: 1
  • 72 Cell modules (1m x 2m)
  • East/West 12 degrees

„Up to 2,5 MW per block/1,7 MW per hectar“
(dep. on modules)

  • Scalability guaranteed by standard block with certified electrical concept.
  • Effective integration of string or central inverters and transformer station possible.

Assembly guide, technical description, VDE Confirmation of Concept and a validated risk assessment is available.

  • Easy, fast and space saving assembly of the solar boats.
  • Several boats can be assembled simultaneous in line production and get launched to the water by a roller conveyor.
  • Prefabricated VDE certified floating transformer station fits into system design and can be integrated.