Solar highway in Germany, 2017, 0,75 MWp

Since July 2017, the approx. 2800 solar modules from a disused motorway section of the A4 near Niederzier / Ellen feed into the electricity grid approx. 40km east of Aachen.
The special feature is the fact that the plant was not built as usual on a landfill or on a conversion area, but on a highway.
The solar system now serves as an environmentally friendly temporary use of this motorway surface, before it may have to give way to the nearby open pit. According to our information, this will happen, if at all, in 20 years at the earliest.

Additional data:
The 282 solar stands of the ZM2 substructure were installed in 47 rows and on specially prepared precast concrete elements with a total weight of 385,000 kg.