Zimmermann free-field mounting systems are being used to construct Germany’s largest solar thermal plant, with a 8,300 m² collector surface area. To do this 560 frames, of type ZM2 V, have been shipped to Senftenberg, about 60 km north of Dresden. To achieve the maximum space efficiently, the AuquaSolar system with plasma CPC vacuum tube technology is mounted to Zimmermann mounting systems. The heat output of the 1,680 high-performance collectors is fed remotely into a ring line of a district heating network, for the first time Germany! Therefore the heating network itself is used as heat storage.


Senftenberg was already in the 19th century renowned as an energy production centre – based on open cast coal mining. With the new solar thermal system the city is on its way to develop itself into a centre for renewable energy. These are important milestones in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. According to statements from the municipal energy supplier, the solar thermal project is highly efficient, and has very competitive heat generation costs. This major project is sponsored by a KfW-Bank program for renewable energy. In the near future this town in the Brandenburg region will have district heating without combustion processes thanks to solar.