Estruturas de montagem de parques solares ZM2 V

Bom preço – elevada carga estática – qualidade superior
  • V-profile post, made with high tensile steel, strict galvanization standards, with a large surface area and a unique V form.
  • Designed with our structural engineering experts, optimizing anchor system solutions to on-site geotechnical conditions.
  • Fast and easy assembly, minimal components and long span capabilities (up to 6 meters).
  • Height, pitch and inclination are adjustable during assembly.
  • Longevity and durability of the system is ensured through high-quality components and a certified galvanization process.
  • Supply capacitiy, of up to 30 MW of mounting systems per week (depending on system)
  • Also available as a Slide-in System

We can supply nearly every desired design by applying project-specific construction, statics and production. Standard models have inclinations of 5 to 30 degrees, 1 to 4 modules in portrait mode, 4 to 6 modules in landscape mode for standard module dimensions.

Options – large tables

Large tables with an up to 9 m span are particularly cost-effective and space-saving. (There are less isles and table rows required.) However, these tables should be utilized for flat terrain project sites with a module array inclination below 20°.